Anna Beck – Tasty Tourist

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When a pretty girl with enormous, beautifully-shaped breasts and a lush body needs assistance, she will never want for the attention of helpful men. Such is the case with popular Anna Beck who did a complete 180-degree turn compared to her original XL Girls shoots.

It’s true that Anna stops traffic cold and that also includes cyclists. George sees Anna studying her map at the entrance to a park after she has taken a few selfies. He stops immediately and looks back at this vision. Then he makes his move.

A tourist, Anna is lost in the city and she needs directions to her hotel. Helpful George guides Anna to her hotel and she invites him up to her room. It’s tat-for-tat and a little chat.

Anna pours George a glass of vino and pulls out her camera to show him the pictures she has taken during her visit. He tries to avoid staring at her chest but her massive mounds of cleavage in her low-cut dress just can’t be ignored, at least not by someone in his right mind. He asks Anna if she is traveling alone. She is.

With his foot in the door, George wants to get another body part in another area. He carefully begins asking Anna some probing questions without coming on too strong. Lavishing praise on Anna’s comely and colossal chest, he asks if he can touch them.

“I don’t know,” Anna says, slightly flustered. “I’m shy.” It’s now or never for George so he makes his move and softly plays with them, kissing and rubbing them. Soon they’ll be fucking thanks to a random act of kindness and the magnetic power of big, juicy tits.

What a babe Anna Beck is!
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Anna Beck – Beckoning Boobs

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Watching a model grow more comfortable in front of the camera is one of our favorite things. Some girls–like Anna Beck–are new to modeling and still a bit shy when they begin so they stick to solos at the start. But as the lights begin to flash, their tits begin to bounce and their pussies spread, many of them grow more confident and ready for more. Again, Anna Beck is one of those girls.

Anna first graced our hallowed halls of hooters back in 2010 at the tender age of 22. She was blonde, bright-eyed and boasted plush 38G naturals. Simply baring her boobs and cute, pink pussy was enough of a thrill at the time. It was enough for us, too, but saying we were thrilled when Anna contacted us about coming back and shooting hardcore would be an understatement.

We posted Anna’s hardcore debut last month to rave reviews from the Brotherhood of XL Men. “Anna, I am crazy for you,” one user wrote. “I had been waiting a long time, hoping to see you in a boy-girl scene. You are the best I have seen ever!”

We’ll never forget Anna’s first time, but today she’s back to remind us that she can get us off just as hard when it’s just her, her heavy naturals, juicy pussy, seductive eyes and our own throbbing, hard cocks. Pouring out of her lavender dress, her boobs beckoning for a motorboat, we can see that Anna’s definitely not shy anymore.

Oh, and for those of you looking forward to Anna’s next hardcore scene, it’s coming later this month. Be on the lookout for it.
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Samantha Lily – Sexy Lovely Sam

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Writes Roberto, “Wow, she is so fresh, so pretty, the typical girl-next-door! And what to say about that pair of beautiful super-big mams? I have no words to describe what I feel inside my pants just to watch her. I think she will be one of the best discoveries of the year. Good job,SCORE  guys, for bringing to us this kind of first-class chick.”

Samantha Lily could have chosen to work part-time at some average job while she studied for a degree in veterinary science. Toiled anonymously at some company. Fully dressed. Instead, Samantha chose to show her incredible body and big boobs. She has blessed tit-men with her revelation. Can world peace be far behind?

Would the people who know Samantha be surprised to see her modeling and going on the Web nude?

“I think they will be surprised if they see me nude, but I like my body,” Samantha said. “I like it so much and I am proud of it, so I do not care what they say.”

Samantha also said, “I think my breasts are still developing because recently my boobs were a little bit smaller. I went to the same shop and the bras which I bought before were a little bit smaller. I don’t know why they are still growing.”

Thank you, Samantha Lily.
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Anna Beck – Beck Is Dripping Wet

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38M-cupper Anna Beck trains in FitBox, a 45-minute kickboxing course. So don’t get her mad. In fact, we love Anna and her ways and were thrilled to have her back at XL Girls this year. We thought the former blonde and now brunette hottie had completely quit modeling after her 2009 debut. Talk about depressing. But then she returned suddenly in 2014. Here, Anna hot tubs it, plays with her gigantic tits and spanks one out with a little friend. She’s the go-to girl for many breast and ass men, inspiring the release of huge loads.

Anna likes romantic dates, taking her dog for walks, reading books and partying with her close friends. She models part-time and has a full-time job.

“I like to have sex three times a week if I can,” says Anna, a very sexual girl who needs a strong man. “My favorite position is from behind. I like a man to give me long, slow foreplay and pay my tits a lot of attention. My kinkiest sexual encounter was having anal–by mistake. Because I don’t like anal play.”

“I like to pose by myself and I like to make videos with the guys. The two scenes I have done were fun and the Czech men Tom and George were wonderful studs with big, hard cocks. They were very attentive to my needs and they were very passionate. They were not fakes. I promise you I will be back.”
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Sofie Style – New Discovery

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“I like attention,” says Sofie Style, an attractive new Voluptuous discovery at SCORELAND. In her debut, Sofie gets busy in the kitchen. She certainly is a healthy-looking young woman. “My boobs are natural,” says Sofie. “People always compliment me and guys ask me questions about them. That’s good if they are nice questions.”

Sofie was discovered in Germany. “A lot of attention. I get even more attention when I wear very tight clothing showing a lot of cleavage. Men are always talking to me. I enjoy how I look in them so I like to do this. I wear Triumph bras. I can find what I like in stores. Most of the time, I wear sports bras. I’m a late bloomer. I was 16 when my breasts got so big. I had the biggest breasts in school.” Sofie usually wears a 38DDD bra.

To keep fit, Sofie swims and goes to the gym. She must have all eyes in her direction when she gets out of the pool in her swimsuit. She wants to try bungee jumping one of these days. For now, the adventure she’s living is showing off her stacked body to SCORE‘s camera. Sofie sports a scorpion tattoo on her left ankle. She’s a Scorpio, born November 7th.

If what Sofie is wearing in this debut scene is what she likes to wear when she leaves the house, she must please the local male population of her town to no end. Her big tits look ready to spill out of her tight bra. You got it, Sofie, so why not flaunt it? SCORELAND approves the message you’re sending.
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Anna Beck – Top of the Titters

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If there were a land formation called Titty Mountain, Anna Beck would be at the summit. This Czech babe has M-cup naturals you have to see to believe. And even when you see them, you still won’t believe how perfect they are. Anna’s the type of girl you could jerk to every day with a pair you’ll daydream endlessly about having wrapped around your hard cock. The boob hounds that comprise the Fraternal Brotherhood of XL Men have eagerly expressed their love for the amicable and amply built Ms. Beck. “One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen,” said user martynho. “Please keep bringing Anna back for more!”

We promise we’ll keep bringing Anna back. She has much more booby-flaunting, tit-tugging, cock-sucking and riding to do for the men who love her. Simply put, she’s the top of the titters.
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Anna Beck – Saucy and Sultry

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Beck. Another word for big boobs? No, another word for huge boobs. Anna Beck is back for a cum-show with her not-so-little friend B.O.F. That’s “battery operated friend.” Queen Anna never leaves home without it. “I like to masturbate. Who does not?” says Anna. “I like it and I like to show how I do it.” Anna sure has cum a long way.

Writes Seth, friend and longtime fan of XL Girls, “This chick kills. I so remember seeing her in 2010-11 in that red dress and blond tresses, and enthusiastically commented back then. Way hot shoots and now, she has returned with authority and as fucking beautiful as ever. She has really delivered gorgeous, impeccable pictorials with her massive, round tits, big, wet, hot pussy, legs, ass, torso and, that stunning face with all its beauty and camera charisma.”

DoubleT comments, “Anna is so fine. All her scenes are great, hardcore and solo. Would she be willing to do a girl-girl scene? Either way can’t wait to see more of her.”

Well, DoubleT, Anna said in 2014 that girls don’t really do it for her. Would you want to see her in a scene her heart wasn’t into?

Ronnie makes a request, “Anna is awesome. But can you get her to stop–yes, stop–playing with her tits constantly. Let them just hang naturally in a scene please!”

Can you blame her, Ronnie? Anna’s got a handful!
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Katie Thornton – Putting The Great In Great Britain

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Is Katie Thornton part of the next new British invasion? In previous years, SCORE and V-mag were dominated by the Brits: Linsey, Kerry, Lorna, Nicole Peters, Kelly Kay and many more. Later times have been quiet on the Brit scene. In 2009, Faith was a hit but quit. In 2011 Terri Jane and Dors Feline knocked everyone out. Then fun-loving Lily Madison arrived in late 2013. Brunette stunner Anastasia Lux debuted on February 20th, 2015.

Now there’s the incredible Katie who is every centimeter a SCORE Girl. “I absolutely love getting attention for my big boobs. I get it all the time and I think it’s great.” That’s why Katie wears tight bodycon dresses and plunge bras worn under low-cut tops. With her beautiful face and body, Katie owns any place she walks into. The UK tabloids are crazy over her. If Katie is at a club or a models’ party, so are the paparazzi and reporters.

“I’m double-jointed and extremely flexible,” says Katie. “When I’m home alone, I masturbate with toys. I’m into bondage and I love being tied up.” What kind of foreplay does Katie like the best? “I like to get straight to it!” Katie replies. “My favorite position is doggie.” The perfect position for seeing big tits hang.

Welcome to SCORELAND, Katie Thornton.
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Alaura Grey – Poolside Playmate

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The brain melts at the thought of Alaura Grey working at Hooters, which she said was her favorite job, perhaps until now with her arrival at XL Girls. Can you even imagine going to a Hooters for a beer and a burger and she appears at your table to take your order? Most Hooters Girls, as beautiful as they are, seem to have double-D’s at best, except for SCORE Girls like Rockell.

“I call my breasts boobs or boobies,” Alaura says. “I used to work at Hooters but I don’t call my breasts hooters. I call my vagina ‘my coochie.’ I don’t use the word ‘pussy.’ I call my tush ‘my booty.’ And I call sex ‘the nasty.’ ‘Do you want to do the nasty?’ I call it ‘the nasty’ because you get dirty. You get down to business. I call orgasm ‘cum.’ That’s one bad word I’ll say!”

Alaura says she is a conservative girl but that doesn’t mean she’s shy. “Definitely,” says Alaura. “I’m conservative. Until you get to know me. Then I can bring out the whips and the tape. I’m just kidding. Well, I actually do have a whip at home. It’s a cute little heart-shaped whip, and it’s pink.”

“And I’m not good at dirty talking at all. I’ve never tried it. But I’m actually pretty assertive. I think that surprises a lot of guys. I do like when a guy takes control of me, though. I need a guy who can handle me.”

What was Alaura’s hottest sexual experience?

“Definitely in the back of a police car with an ex-boyfriend who was a cop. He even had his uniform on. That was fun! And I like the thrill of maybe being caught, so that was definitely a big turn-on.”

Please note that this pictorial is shot entirely at poolside but moved indoors for the video.
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Alaura Grey – Lovin’ Ms. Grey’s Anatomy

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Alaura Grey is one of those girls who just takes your breath away. She has the sweetest-almost bashful-smile you’ll ever have the pleasure of having gaze back at you, an ultra-feminine and soft, womanly figure and a set of JJ-cup jugs that make our mouths water. Alaura hails from San Jose, California, and she certainly makes us wish they all could be California girls.

“I was always the bustiest girl in school,” Alaura said. “I started developing at 10 and was a D-cup by middle school. I do get plenty of attention because of my boobs, even when I’m wearing sweaters! It’s fun a lot of the time.”

Before we discovered her, Alaura’s favorite job was working at Hooters. We can only imagine the mountains of tips this babe had tucked into her mountains of tit flesh at the end of each shift. Of course, Alaura heard plenty of pickup lines during her shifts.

“Oh, I heard it all!” Alaura said. “My favorite is when one guy said that I had to be tired because I had been running through his mind all day.”

From a Hooters girl running through the minds of her patrons to an XL Girl running through the minds of boob hounds around the globe…it’s safe to say everyone loves Ms. Grey’s anatomy.

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