Sofie Style – Bra-busting In Style

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“This is the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” says curvy redheaded German newcomer Sofie about her dip into hot modeling. “I enjoy this very much. Men always ask me if I model so I decided to do it. I found your photographer and here I am. One man said to me, ‘Your eyes are beautiful but he was looking at my breasts.’ Girls like me hear that many times.”

Sofie likes to go to the movies when she has the time and she enjoys painting. Several times a week, she goes to a gym and likes to swim. How anyone can concentrate on working out when she’s within sight is beyond us. She has sexy hips and foxy ass cheeks as well as a large balcony worth spending a lot of leisure time enjoying.

Chuck wrote when Sofie debuted, “I just love everything about Sofie. I think she is the best model to come along in quite some time. I hope to see much more of her in the coming months. I think she can do it all and I sure hope she does. She is a star!”

Spite concurs, “Definitely one of the best new models to hit SCORELAND in a long while. We need more of this girl!”
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Katie Thornton – Eyecandy Girl

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Katie Thornton wants to travel the world and see as many countries as she can. With her modeling career heating up and posing for SCORE, that goal is definitely within her reach. She’s a stunning model who will try any pose, gives her all and enjoy the process of being photographed. The SCORE photo staff loved her.

Katie says she’s not big on lovey-dovey foreplay, “I like to get straight to it!” she said. No neck kissing for this British hottie. “I love girls and I’ve been with girls lots of times. My favorite position with a guy is doggie and I swallow-always!

“I touch my boobs all the time. They’re really, really sensitive. When I’m home alone or I’m not in a relationship, I like to play with myself, touching and rubbing my boobs and using a toy to make myself cum.”

Writes Stef83, “Katie is an atomic bomb of beauty! She reminds me of Kelly Kay, another English beauty. I’m in love…”
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Hitomi – HOLY COW! The Milking Of Sweet Hitomi

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Did Hitomi’s trip to the Everglades and seeing alligators and snakes give her a bad dream? The girl from Japan is captured, held captive and captivated by two milk-crazed researchers from the dairy department of weird science. In a deserted factory, they hook up suction tubes to her nipples and pump large amounts of milk out of her huge breasts, filling gallon jugs of her creamy boob juice. It’s a bizarre lactation fantasy and Hitomi is the centerpiece of this strange milking fetish. Pumping the milk out her big tits creates a mess as an endless stream of milk is sucked out of her. Behind a dripping Hitomi covered in milk spilling from her nipples and one milkman, the second milkman empties a bucket of her nipple nectar into a larger bucket. After her captors depart, Hitomi writhes and wiggles, overcome with erotic fever. It’s time to wake up from your dream, Hitomi. The milkmen have left the building.
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Desiree Vega – New Discovery

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Desiree Vega saw one of our ads for models and made contact. One look at her tall, slim and stacked figure and that was it. “Here’s your airline ticket. Welcome to SCORE.”

Desiree likes to dance, go to wine tasting events and shop. She doesn’t watch or play sports but she’ll watch the Superbowl.

“I wasn’t the bustiest girl in school but I was one of the most popular,” says Desiree. It’s easy to see why. “I get lots of attention and I love it. One time, some guy yelled ‘God bless America!’ when I was walking on the beach. It was funny.”

Desiree has the all-American hottie look. Is there a kinky side to her? She doesn’t have the look that links to an alternative kinky lifestyle. No tattoos to be found and just a navel piercing. She looks like a model you’d see in a make-up ad. “I’ve attended a couple of fetish balls and events but I don’t claim any fetish,” says Desiree. “I participate if it appears fun.”

As a Bonus video extra, Desiree chats in a Q&A and tells us all of her secrets. Well, some of her secrets.
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Desiree Vega – The Brick Shithouse

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The first thing you’re going to see in these photos is Desiree Vega’s ass. That’s pretty unusual for SCORELAND, but Desiree is unusual. She’s the picture of the brick shithouse with her 42-inch chest and 42-inch ass. The second photo of Desiree also focuses on her ass bounding out of a pair of short shorts, and we get to see this California girl’s pretty face, too. And then, finally, it’s tit time as Desiree unleashes her G-cups, brushes her teeth and models a SCORE T-shirt in the models dressing room.

For a girl who enjoys showing off her tits and ass on-camera, Desiree is a bit shy and reserved. Before she walked into our studio, she had done a little modeling on the side but nothing professional. And now she’s in the Big Show. Welcome, Desiree!

Desiree loves to go shopping, but it can be a bit of a chore because “everything doesn’t fit because of my chest.” Bad for her, good for us.

“I wear a 36G bra, give or take, depending on who makes it. I buy them from upscale stores. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales.”

Those tits deserve the upscale treatment. That ass, too.
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Anna Beck – Tasty Tourist

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When a pretty girl with enormous, beautifully-shaped breasts and a lush body needs assistance, she will never want for the attention of helpful men. Such is the case with popular Anna Beck who did a complete 180-degree turn compared to her original XL Girls shoots.

It’s true that Anna stops traffic cold and that also includes cyclists. George sees Anna studying her map at the entrance to a park after she has taken a few selfies. He stops immediately and looks back at this vision. Then he makes his move.

A tourist, Anna is lost in the city and she needs directions to her hotel. Helpful George guides Anna to her hotel and she invites him up to her room. It’s tat-for-tat and a little chat.

Anna pours George a glass of vino and pulls out her camera to show him the pictures she has taken during her visit. He tries to avoid staring at her chest but her massive mounds of cleavage in her low-cut dress just can’t be ignored, at least not by someone in his right mind. He asks Anna if she is traveling alone. She is.

With his foot in the door, George wants to get another body part in another area. He carefully begins asking Anna some probing questions without coming on too strong. Lavishing praise on Anna’s comely and colossal chest, he asks if he can touch them.

“I don’t know,” Anna says, slightly flustered. “I’m shy.” It’s now or never for George so he makes his move and softly plays with them, kissing and rubbing them. Soon they’ll be fucking thanks to a random act of kindness and the magnetic power of big, juicy tits.

What a babe Anna Beck is!
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Anna Beck – Beckoning Boobs

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Watching a model grow more comfortable in front of the camera is one of our favorite things. Some girls–like Anna Beck–are new to modeling and still a bit shy when they begin so they stick to solos at the start. But as the lights begin to flash, their tits begin to bounce and their pussies spread, many of them grow more confident and ready for more. Again, Anna Beck is one of those girls.

Anna first graced our hallowed halls of hooters back in 2010 at the tender age of 22. She was blonde, bright-eyed and boasted plush 38G naturals. Simply baring her boobs and cute, pink pussy was enough of a thrill at the time. It was enough for us, too, but saying we were thrilled when Anna contacted us about coming back and shooting hardcore would be an understatement.

We posted Anna’s hardcore debut last month to rave reviews from the Brotherhood of XL Men. “Anna, I am crazy for you,” one user wrote. “I had been waiting a long time, hoping to see you in a boy-girl scene. You are the best I have seen ever!”

We’ll never forget Anna’s first time, but today she’s back to remind us that she can get us off just as hard when it’s just her, her heavy naturals, juicy pussy, seductive eyes and our own throbbing, hard cocks. Pouring out of her lavender dress, her boobs beckoning for a motorboat, we can see that Anna’s definitely not shy anymore.

Oh, and for those of you looking forward to Anna’s next hardcore scene, it’s coming later this month. Be on the lookout for it.
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Samantha Lily – Sexy Lovely Sam

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Writes Roberto, “Wow, she is so fresh, so pretty, the typical girl-next-door! And what to say about that pair of beautiful super-big mams? I have no words to describe what I feel inside my pants just to watch her. I think she will be one of the best discoveries of the year. Good job,SCORE  guys, for bringing to us this kind of first-class chick.”

Samantha Lily could have chosen to work part-time at some average job while she studied for a degree in veterinary science. Toiled anonymously at some company. Fully dressed. Instead, Samantha chose to show her incredible body and big boobs. She has blessed tit-men with her revelation. Can world peace be far behind?

Would the people who know Samantha be surprised to see her modeling and going on the Web nude?

“I think they will be surprised if they see me nude, but I like my body,” Samantha said. “I like it so much and I am proud of it, so I do not care what they say.”

Samantha also said, “I think my breasts are still developing because recently my boobs were a little bit smaller. I went to the same shop and the bras which I bought before were a little bit smaller. I don’t know why they are still growing.”

Thank you, Samantha Lily.
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Anna Beck – Beck Is Dripping Wet

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38M-cupper Anna Beck trains in FitBox, a 45-minute kickboxing course. So don’t get her mad. In fact, we love Anna and her ways and were thrilled to have her back at XL Girls this year. We thought the former blonde and now brunette hottie had completely quit modeling after her 2009 debut. Talk about depressing. But then she returned suddenly in 2014. Here, Anna hot tubs it, plays with her gigantic tits and spanks one out with a little friend. She’s the go-to girl for many breast and ass men, inspiring the release of huge loads.

Anna likes romantic dates, taking her dog for walks, reading books and partying with her close friends. She models part-time and has a full-time job.

“I like to have sex three times a week if I can,” says Anna, a very sexual girl who needs a strong man. “My favorite position is from behind. I like a man to give me long, slow foreplay and pay my tits a lot of attention. My kinkiest sexual encounter was having anal–by mistake. Because I don’t like anal play.”

“I like to pose by myself and I like to make videos with the guys. The two scenes I have done were fun and the Czech men Tom and George were wonderful studs with big, hard cocks. They were very attentive to my needs and they were very passionate. They were not fakes. I promise you I will be back.”
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Sofie Style – New Discovery

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“I like attention,” says Sofie Style, an attractive new Voluptuous discovery at SCORELAND. In her debut, Sofie gets busy in the kitchen. She certainly is a healthy-looking young woman. “My boobs are natural,” says Sofie. “People always compliment me and guys ask me questions about them. That’s good if they are nice questions.”

Sofie was discovered in Germany. “A lot of attention. I get even more attention when I wear very tight clothing showing a lot of cleavage. Men are always talking to me. I enjoy how I look in them so I like to do this. I wear Triumph bras. I can find what I like in stores. Most of the time, I wear sports bras. I’m a late bloomer. I was 16 when my breasts got so big. I had the biggest breasts in school.” Sofie usually wears a 38DDD bra.

To keep fit, Sofie swims and goes to the gym. She must have all eyes in her direction when she gets out of the pool in her swimsuit. She wants to try bungee jumping one of these days. For now, the adventure she’s living is showing off her stacked body to SCORE‘s camera. Sofie sports a scorpion tattoo on her left ankle. She’s a Scorpio, born November 7th.

If what Sofie is wearing in this debut scene is what she likes to wear when she leaves the house, she must please the local male population of her town to no end. Her big tits look ready to spill out of her tight bra. You got it, Sofie, so why not flaunt it? SCORELAND approves the message you’re sending.
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