Katie Thornton – Big Boob Models Wanted

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It looks like Katie Thornton is dressed for a party when our photographer intercepts her for another photo shoot. SCORELAND needs more Katie. She’s very addictive and we’re addicted to big boobs and beautiful girls. The studio is just one flight up and his camera is locked and loaded for bare.

Touts are already giving Katie the early nod that she’ll be the next SCORE Newcomer of the Year winner.

Predicts L.C., “SCORE can put the 2015 Newcomer of the Year award on hold now. Katie is the obvious winner, and you can put her name on the list for 2016 Model of the Year, too.”

D.F. tells us, “You hit the jackpot with Katie Thornton. She will be a contender for Newcomer of the Year and will be hard to beat.”

Writes a chap named Albino from Sweden, “Katie Thornton is a classic beauty in the same league as the mighty SaRenna Lee and Traci Topps. Promise us that you will bring this wonder woman to SCORE over and over again. Amazing!”

SCORELAND will do its best
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Arianna Sinn – One Hot Hitchhiker

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This is a fantasy we’ve all had: a hot, busty woman standing on the side of the road in a skimpy outfit with her thumb out. We pick her up, and she’s so thankful that she fulfills all of our sexual desires. Well, today Arianna is making this fantasy a reality. A guy gives her a lift, and she shows her gratitude by making his cock the meat in her tit sandwich. She also treats him to a signature Arianna banging, which means a smooth, tight pussy squeezing his cock until he blows his load all over her tits.
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Sofie Style – Big Tits German-Style

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Sofie Style looks like a secretary, a school teacher or a librarian the way she is dressed. Like Sirale and Rockell, Sofie can work that secretarial pool look and make it sexy. Just the glasses and her hair pulled back gives Sofie a completely different look.

Sofie flies solo on-camera but she did talk about sex off-camera.

“I have no special fantasies that I think about or I dream about,” Sofie says. “I am a passive girl. I will wait for the man to seduce me. I like a man to court me. I love having oral sex and that is my favorite kind of foreplay. Maybe I have sex three times a week.

“I have experimented with group sex…threesomes. I tried two women and one man and two men and one woman. I liked it. If a man cums in my mouth, I don’t swallow. I spit it out most of the time. The most unusual place I have had sex was in the dressing room of a store in a shopping center. I have also had sex on a park bench. It was hard and fast.”

Who wants to see more Sofie? Let us know what you think.
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Larissa Linn – Coal Miner’s Fantasy Girl

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Larissa Linn loves to dance at her favorite clubs. She’s only 20 years old and has a lot of energy to burn so she likes to shake her ass and her big boobs to the music. What kind of music? “All kinds of music,” says Larissa. Her English is very good and her voice is sexy.

When she’s not working or modeling or webcamming, Larissa likes to watch Dynamo Kyiv football or visit historic places and buildings. She reads a lot and sometimes she writes poetry. That comes naturally. Every Ukrainian has the soul of a poet.

Writes SCORE magazine’s editor Dave, “Larissa makes us happy. She’s obviously making a lot of you guys happy. Back in the day, the former editor of SCORE would invite readers to pull up their happy seats whenever a great new girl came along. Personally, I don’t have a happy seat, but whenever I’m looking at Larissa, I’m happy.”

For those who love print magazines, and there are many, Larissa debuts in July 2015 Voluptuous magazine and returns in October ’15 SCORE.
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Larissa Linn – New Discovery

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Meet Larissa Linn who’s new to SCORELAND. We’re sure she’ll be a hit with the Boob Brotherhood. A friend told sexy Larissa that she should model and recommended SCORE. He showed her some TSG magazines and the website and she was immediately interested in coming on-board.

Larissa’s breast growth spurt began early. “I had the biggest breasts in school,” Larissa says. “It was difficult to find good-fitting bras. My breasts grew so fast that I quickly outgrew my bras.”

Larissa is a poetry buff. “I love to write poems. I am a romantic.” We may not have the soul of a poet but when it comes to great big boobs, we know it.

In the Bonus video, a SCORE cameraman sits with Larissa. Get to know her. You’ll be seeing more of this busty and beautiful babe!
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Larissa Linn – Bodacious Boobette

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“I had the biggest tits in my school,” said Larissa Linn, a Ukrainian and proud of it. Her English is very good. “My tits got very big when I was 15. I was studying accounting and auditing.” Larissa’s current figures (40-26-36; bra size 34F) add up beautifully.

“The boys were shy, but when I went to university, the boys began to talk to me more, and I liked it. It made me feel pretty.”

Larissa loves dancing and writes poetry in Ukrainian when she has the time.

“I like to go dancing in nightclubs and I like to watch football. My favorite team is Dynamo Kyiv.” She must be amazing to watch when they score a goal and she jumps up and down.

Larissa’s first magazine appearance is in July ’15 Voluptuous and she is the covergirl. Check out her first video interview “Statuesque!” if you haven’t already seen it. Larissa’s a bodacious boobette!
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Anna Beck – Classic Beauty, Heavy Boobies

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Anna Beck is the type of girl that takes a man’s breath away. She doesn’t even need to take her top off or stroke her pink clit to do so. Of course, we always feel a bit lightheaded when she does those things as the blood in our heads instantly rushes down to our cocks. The thing that makes Anna special, aside from her M-cup natural tits, is that she’s a classic beauty. Dark hair, fair skin and she seamlessly transitions from sexy to cute to sweet. Whatever you want, Anna can do it. And that’s what we love about her.

“Men tell me I am very…intense,” Anna said. “But I am very nice. I am sweet. I like to take care of my man and make him feel good.”

We’ve seen how good Anna can make a man feel in her hardcore scenes. Heck, Anna is woman enough to make two men feel good, which we’ve seen in the pair of threesomes we recently published. She’s a wonder of a woman seemingly put on this earth to help men experience sexual pleasures they only dreamed about.

“I love sex,” Anna said. “It is my favorite thing to do. I love when a man is inside of me, and it is even better when a man is inside of me and I am sucking another man’s dick. Even talking about it makes me excited.”
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Sofie Style – Bra-busting In Style

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“This is the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” says curvy redheaded German newcomer Sofie about her dip into hot modeling. “I enjoy this very much. Men always ask me if I model so I decided to do it. I found your photographer and here I am. One man said to me, ‘Your eyes are beautiful but he was looking at my breasts.’ Girls like me hear that many times.”

Sofie likes to go to the movies when she has the time and she enjoys painting. Several times a week, she goes to a gym and likes to swim. How anyone can concentrate on working out when she’s within sight is beyond us. She has sexy hips and foxy ass cheeks as well as a large balcony worth spending a lot of leisure time enjoying.

Chuck wrote when Sofie debuted, “I just love everything about Sofie. I think she is the best model to come along in quite some time. I hope to see much more of her in the coming months. I think she can do it all and I sure hope she does. She is a star!”

Spite concurs, “Definitely one of the best new models to hit SCORELAND in a long while. We need more of this girl!”
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Katie Thornton – Eyecandy Girl

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Katie Thornton wants to travel the world and see as many countries as she can. With her modeling career heating up and posing for SCORE, that goal is definitely within her reach. She’s a stunning model who will try any pose, gives her all and enjoy the process of being photographed. The SCORE photo staff loved her.

Katie says she’s not big on lovey-dovey foreplay, “I like to get straight to it!” she said. No neck kissing for this British hottie. “I love girls and I’ve been with girls lots of times. My favorite position with a guy is doggie and I swallow-always!

“I touch my boobs all the time. They’re really, really sensitive. When I’m home alone or I’m not in a relationship, I like to play with myself, touching and rubbing my boobs and using a toy to make myself cum.”

Writes Stef83, “Katie is an atomic bomb of beauty! She reminds me of Kelly Kay, another English beauty. I’m in love…”
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Hitomi – HOLY COW! The Milking Of Sweet Hitomi

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Did Hitomi’s trip to the Everglades and seeing alligators and snakes give her a bad dream? The girl from Japan is captured, held captive and captivated by two milk-crazed researchers from the dairy department of weird science. In a deserted factory, they hook up suction tubes to her nipples and pump large amounts of milk out of her huge breasts, filling gallon jugs of her creamy boob juice. It’s a bizarre lactation fantasy and Hitomi is the centerpiece of this strange milking fetish. Pumping the milk out her big tits creates a mess as an endless stream of milk is sucked out of her. Behind a dripping Hitomi covered in milk spilling from her nipples and one milkman, the second milkman empties a bucket of her nipple nectar into a larger bucket. After her captors depart, Hitomi writhes and wiggles, overcome with erotic fever. It’s time to wake up from your dream, Hitomi. The milkmen have left the building.
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