Alexya – Bra-smashing Brunette

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A beautiful, seductive Romanian with big 36F boobs, big areolae and an unstoppable figure, Alexya makes her SCORELAND debut. She’s a winner in every way.

Alexya says she almost always wears a bra, likes bras that are sexy but elegant and prefers them in black. After peeling off her nightie, she applies cream to her nipples, then removes her little red panties so she can spread her legs and we can enjoy the sight of her sexy cooch

When it comes to sex, Alexya says she likes “deep penetration.” When she gets it varies. She might have a lot of sex in one day or a few times a week. There’s no regular time or day. When the opportunity is there, she takes it. And she likes girls too.
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Anna Beck – Oiled Up, Ready To Fuck

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A massage can be very sensual. Honestly, we don’t think we are built for careers in massage therapy because of how sensual it can be. A parade of beautiful women walking into our spa or studio every day asking us to rub fragrant oils into their skin would lead to some acts that would be deemed unprofessional in most massage studios. Luckily for our friend Tom Holland, he’s an XL Girls masseuse and all of those acts are not only permitted but encouraged. Especially if the client you’re working on is Anna Beck. Tom is very handsy with Anna as soon she takes a seat on his massage bed. He begins their session by massaging her chest and cleavage from behind.

Moments later, Anna lies down on the bed and the fun begins. Tom massages body lotion into Anna’s massive M-cups. Anna’s nipples harden a bit and it’s clear that this is going to be one massage that comes with a happy ending.
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Abbi Secraa – White Body

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Abbi Secraa – Confined White Bra

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Abbi Secraa – Red Boots

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Abbi Secraa – OktoberLady

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Abbi Secraa – Red Panty

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Alaura Grey – Bashful, Busty Beauty

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Though she hasn’t been with us very long, Alaura Grey has developed quite the following. Although, considering her combination of breathtaking beauty and must-beat-your-meat JJ-cup naturals, Alaura’s popularity isn’t too surprising.

Said Nick: “I love the smile, it says, ‘Aren’t I just adorable?” The eyes however also say, ‘Don’t you just LOVE that I have MASSIVE tits?!'”

Needless to say, guys have fallen head over heels for Alaura. Especially because of her too-cute-to-be-true shy personality. She’s the type of girl you bring home to mom and brag about to dad.

“I’m usually pretty reserved,” she said. “I’m pretty quiet. Seeing the comments and response to my pictures and videos has been a bit surprising. I’ve always had big boobs, and I’m used to that. But seeing it online, from guys from all over the world, is really flattering. The only thing I can do is thank them.”

No, thank you, Alaura. You’re the gift that keeps on giving.
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Larissa Linn – Kitchen Wet Dreams

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What makes beautiful Larissa Linn feel sexy?

“Short dresses and high heels,” says our winning newcomer. “I am very fond of high heels. When I wear sexy clothing, I feel sexy.”

Larissa plays in the kitchen today but there’s no time to cook, just time to have fun showing off her fantastic naked body with her sensuous moves. That kitchen needs a pole so Larissa can dance around it!

Larissa is a trained accountant and auditor. The numbers add up: 40-26-36. She loves dogs, classic Ukrainian and Russian writers such as Mikhail Bulgakov and Taras Shevchenko, and photography. We’ll bet Larissa takes some hot selfies at home. That how our breast-obsessed minds work.

Until next time. Larissa rules!
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Sofie Style – Boobs With A Smile

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We’ve seen and enjoyed newcomer Sofie Style but knew little about her. After this photo shoot, Sofie sat down for a Q&A. She’s a charmer.
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