Larissa Linn – House of Correction For Busty Girls

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Larissa Linn doesn’t need any correction in this dank yet colorful dungeon. She does everything right. After all, Larissa worked in the mining industry as an accountant and auditor. We think she is happier as a model. With her beautiful face and hourglass figure, Larissa is a sensation on-camera and has the purring, soft-spoken personality that makes it all complete.

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Alexya – The Allure of Alexya

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Being Alexya’s next-door-neighbor would definitely have its perks, as these pictures prove. The whole neighborhood would come out to see this gorgeous brunette trim her hedges. At least the menfolk, if not their wives. Wonder if she has a swimming pool, too.

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Alexya – Pretty As A Painting

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A living work of art, sultry Alexya leaves our studio location for the scenic and serene countryside where she can practice her breast art in the fresh air and sunshine. Her masterpiece is beginning to take shape as she removes her clothes bit by bit and applies brush strokes to her natural big boobs. Her naked breasts become a canvas for her artistic interests. In the video, Alexya paints on canvas using her tits as her brushes. In time, this painting will be worth a fortune.

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Alexya – Busty Body Winner

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A beauty from Romania, land of Joana, Arianna Sinn and other one-in-a-million naturally busty babes, Alexya makes her second SCORELAND appearance.

“I like attention,” Alexya says. “It makes me feel good. People can see that my breasts are big. When I go out with friends or shopping, I don’t dress too sexy or show too much of my breasts.”

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Alexya – Beauty & The Breasts

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“I like to have sex every day,” Alexya said before she modeled for this pictorial and video, “Beauty & The Breasts.” “I like a man with a big cock who can make love for a long time. I’m very dynamic and I like to be energetic in bed. This is what I like and most men like this too. They do not want a girl who does not move and speak. My favorite position is on a chair, not a bed.”

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ROXI RED – Hot Time In The Tittie

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When a girl has 38K breasts, you must spend an extra long time loving them. There is so much ta-ta territory to cover. Roxi Red was ready for another hot hooter hump and her service-cock Largo made sure Roxi’s giant jugs got lots of attention. Once Roxi’s nipples and surrounding breast-flesh were oralized, an ample amount of shiny lube was spritzed on them and rubbed in until her globes glowed under the lights.

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Katie Thornton – Resistance Is Futile

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Writes J.B., “I loved the look of the new girl, Katie Thornton. I hate to give away my age, but she reminded me of an updated version my younger days porn crush, Trinity Loren. I hope Katie takes that as the compliment it is intended.”

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Katie Thornton – Tits Out For Lawn Care

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Katie Thornton is entered in the SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest 2015. We’ve seen some tough ballots before but the titillating candidates for this year are going to make the voting very difficult. We don’t envy the voters.

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Tiggle Bitties – Meet Tiggle

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Tiggle Bitties is definitely one of Seattle’s finest. Finally making her SCORELAND debut, Tiggle plays with an assortment of bras before she gets down to playing with her amazing 32MM tits and wet pussy.

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Jennica Lynn – The Bustiest Swedish Girl In The World

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What did you think when you saw yourself on the covers of Voluptuous and XL Girls magazines? Your first was February 2014 Voluptuous and your second was the August 2014 issue as well as XL Girls #262 and #269.
Jennica: I was over the moon! Me on the covers of a magazine! I mean come on, what girl doesn’t want that? I had never expected to be on any cover at all.
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