Claudia Marie – Swimsuit Stretcher

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Claudia Marie came from a small town in South Carolina. Now she’s busting bras and bikinis and snapping straps for the pleasure of big-jug seekers around the globe. We asked our photographer to take Claudia out and have her try on swimsuits. After all, this is South Florida. People shop at drug stores in swimsuits. We just never saw anyone built like Claudia doing that.

The path to big-tit land began when Claudia was working in a strip club.

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Claudia Marie – Sweater Missiles

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There are big tits in tight tops and then there are sweater missiles with atomic warheads. Claudia Marie is packing sweater missiles and in these pictures, the blonde mega-titter stretches out several sweaters and tops in the SCORE dressing room.

“Do you know how much I had to invest in bras and customizing my clothes?” asks Claudia who said a custom-fitted bra costs her about $250 boob-bucks.

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Renee Ross – Bedtime Playtime

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Renee Ross has made a little hideaway under the bed sheet and you’re invited. She’s not going to bring a flashlight and read comic books in her makeshift tent. Take a look inside and pitch your own tent. Renee likes that.

A man could not have a better sex buddy than Renee Ross. She has a very healthy appetite for bedroom action. You’ve seen this in her movies such as K-JUGS.

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Katie Thornton – It’s A String Swimsuit Thing

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From the second we saw Katie Thornton, the words “extreme swimsuit body” appeared like a huge neon sign over her. In this pictorial, Katie wears a stringy suit that has less material than a packet of dental floss. Then she pulls it off for a bath while you watch. Katie must turn every head, both male and female when she’s wearing suits like this at the beach or at pools in Spain and other holiday spots.

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Katie Thornton – Resistance Is Futile

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Writes J.B., “I loved the look of the new girl, Katie Thornton. I hate to give away my age, but she reminded me of an updated version my younger days porn crush, Trinity Loren. I hope Katie takes that as the compliment it is intended.”

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Katie Thornton – Boob Studies

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She’s unbelievable. Highly-rated SCORE newcomer Katie Thornton has a few tit-tops she wanted to try on so the suggestion was put to her to try them on with our camera rolling. Possibly lovely Katie will wear them in future shoots. Or maybe not. The important thing is we all get to see how her big boobs look in and out of these hooter holsters.

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Katie Thornton – Party Girl

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In this new pictorial, Katie luxuriates in her sexy baby doll nightie, warming up the bed and sending temperatures rising and compasses pointing true north. Her body is perfect for lingerie like this. She unwraps like a candy bar. Prepare for sugar shock.

Opening up the SCORE mailbag, out poured a plethora of poetic praises for Katie Thornton, the covergirl of August 2015 SCORE. Here’s a few samples of salutations, support and flattery for this new member of the British dream team.

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Maserati – Creamed Cookie

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The great Maserati is always a boner-maker whether she is by herself peeling out of a sexy outfit or having a boom-boom joyride on a stud’s stick shift. She makes the knob throb. Truly and sensationally stacked to the max, Maserati is Voluptuous perfection, and one in how many millions of girls? She did mankind a great service when she became an adult entertainer. It’s cream for Maserati’s hot cookie in this XXX scene. She hasn’t had a creampie glazing at SCORELAND in over three years.

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P-Chan – New Name Same Huge Tits

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Scholars of big-bust models will know who this incredibly stacked Japanese girl is and how big of a name she is in the Japanese big tit scene. For reasons given in the video portion, she will now be known as P-Chan, her new name.

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Claudia Marie – “I’m Highly Orgasmic!”

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That’s Claudia Marie speaking before this scene. She’s a porn star whose reputation precedes her as a self-described “Fake Tit Whore.”

Fortunately for Claudia, the dude she’s fucking in her first XXX scene at SCORELAND is not 500 pounds with a five-inch cock. For Claudia, no one but BMOC (Big Man On Cleavage) JMac was right for her first time here.

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