Anna Beck – Bangin’ Ms. Beck

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A lot of women are sexy, and a lot of women are busty. But then there is Anna Beck. Anna isn’t sexy. No, she oozes sex appeal. And busty doesn’t begin to describe Anna, who is an M-cupper. She has tits men dream about and women envy. And that makes our friend Novis one of the luckiest guys on the planet right now. He has Anna all to himself in her latest hardcore pictorial. And she looks sexier than we have ever seen her. She’s wearing a nightgown that can’t hope to contain her overflowing bust, and anticipation is written all over her sultry face.

Considering that when Anna debuted as a V-Girl, she was hesitant about even showing her pussy, watching her mature into one of XL’s best hardcore performers has been a sight to see. With her beauty and bust, we would have been delighted to publish solo sets of Anna for years, but Anna had an itch to scratch, and a tight pussy she wanted filled.

And the Brotherhood of XL Men has been the happy beneficiary. Said Big Fat Lion: “Anna I am crazy for you!!! I had been waiting a long time hoping to see you in a boy-girl scene. You are the best I have seen ever!!! You are gorgeous!!!! Many kisses!!”

You’re driving men worldwide wild, Anna. And we doubt we’ll ever tire of watching you get banged.
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Jennica Lynn – Saucy Girl

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You’ve never seen a pizza delivery like this one at XLGirls. Fact: there are no pizza delivery gals dressed in skin-tight jeans, a skin-tight top, high heels and a ball cap and who look exactly like Jennica Lynn.
So let Jennica into your place! The Swedish bombshell’s got some deliverin’ to do!
Jennica is no ordinary sauce, dough and cheese courier. She’s got some mighty special toppings that no one else has. Sit back and enjoy the delivery.
How did Jennica get this great job? Did she apply to the pizza messenger institute? It was easier than that. The SCORE studio  was looking for qualified pizza deliverers, no experience required.
In fact, Jennica worked at several jobs before she tried the one thing that made everyone’s dream come true.
“I moved around to different types of jobs when I came to England. I worked as a shop assistant for a while. I worked in hotels for quite a while, and then I ended up as a web cam model. The girls on the web cams just always looked so pretty on there! The other thing was that I just have the boobs for it. I think they work really well for me. You have to use your assets!”
Now she gets to travel the world.
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Jennica Lynn – “What Color Are My Eyes?”

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What color are Jennica’s eyes?

If you don’t know, we understand. The answer is below.

Highly rated model Jennica Lynn leaves the lavish mansion the SCORE Group team is staying in and heads over to a scenic spot in the courtyard, the Caribbean sea as her backdrop. Jennica has left her room wearing sexy lingerie, heels and stockings.

Are you ready for a series of photos that will tent your shorts? Originally an at-home web-cam model, Jennica quickly picked up the posing skills to make unforgettable photos shot by professional photographers.

“Yes, my eyes are blue. I’m a Swede!” says Jennica.

But then, you knew that.
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Jennica Lynn – School’s Out

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Here’s the girl you’d like to hold after class and hold as tight as possible. There’s a lot of girl to hold onto! Jennica Lynn is the covergirl of February ’14 and August ’14 V-mag, the covergirl of March ’14 XLGirls SP #262, the covergirl of the DVD Full Figured Foxes 3, one of the four awesome covergirls of the DVD XLGirls On Location and one of three covergirls of September ’14 XLGirls SP #269. And there is a “Splat Mat” novelty item of Jennica. The face and bod that launched a thousand-plus boners and she’s damned proud of it!

“I’d have been a cheerleader in school if we had those in Sweden,” said Jennica. No cheerleaders in Sweden? And we thought this was a progressive country in the forefront of every advancement.

Now, was Jennica a good girl in school back home? Here she’s being very good! “I was a little bit of both. I was mostly good, though. I always went to school. I was a good girl with the studies. I did like to tease the boys and I still do, like here, dressed as a coed.”

“I moved to the UK when I was 22. I thought it would be a fun experience. I went there as part of a work experience course. So I was supposed to work and study at the same time for a few weeks. I was studying English, learning how to speak the language properly. I didn’t need to attend those classes too much.”

That’s true. Jennica’s diction is perfect. We wonder if she did that work-study program in clothes like this. We’d give Jennica Lynn a straight A no matter what!
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Emilia Boshe – Bustin’ Out For A Boning!

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Ever since Emilia Boshe debuted at SCORELAND, tit-men have praised her magnificent mounds and her brickhouse body. One of Europe’s bustiest super-naturals, Emilia has thrilled thousands of breast-men.

And now for the first time at SCORELAND, Emilia rides the man-pole in a display of power breast-sex and hard pounding. Her fuck-date Tom sees Emilia in person for the first time and goes wild on her big boobs, lavishing his full attention on this stacked Amazon in every way he can, from sucking her nipples to plowing her fertile triangle. He has seen this German wonder woman before in magazines and on the net. She smiles at him, bemused at his astonishment over her amazing naturals. This is the effect Emilia has on hardcore tit-men.

After his breast feast, Tom offers smiling Emilia his hard cock out of his fly. She jerks it in her hand and, laying on top of his waist, engulfs his pole in her mouth, licking and sucking. Then Emilia plants it between her jugs and tit-bangs him. It’s a historic moment, Emilia Boshe with a pro-cock in her mouth and cleavage.

Tom wants to play with Emilia’s heavy cans some more, licking, kissing, burying his face in her soft pillows. And when he’s done sucking and playing with them, it’s time for Emilia to get fucked and fucked hard. Never has she smiled so much in a pictorial and video. Normally reserved and shy, Emilia is positively beaming as her pussy is plundered again and again by her lust-fueled new friend.
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Jennica Lynn – Busting Out Of The Net

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We’ll never be mistaken for members of the Deadliest Catch crew, but we’d gladly drop anything that could pass as bait for a night with the always-lovely Jennica Lynn. To say Jennica is busting out of this red, skimpy fishnet outfit is an understatement. There’s a reason she has been dubbed the Princess of Cups. She’s 5’6” of bra-stretching, bikini-busting female perfection, and you would be hard-pressed to find another set of natural tits as soft, heavy, yet perky as Jennica’s M-cup mammaries. And with her playful personality, flowing brown locks, striking blue eyes and luscious curves, this Swedish babe is the epitome of bubbly, big-boobed beauty. Or, in other words, our sexiest catch. Give her latest cock-hardening pics a click, then watch the even more sensual, intimate video.
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Jennica Lynn – The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

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It’s superheroine time with beautiful Swede Jennica Lynn! At least that’s what Jennica looks like. Our very own wonder woman. She can’t fly but she can knock you out with her big boobs and bubble butt. She has no lasso of truth but one look at her baby blue eyes and you would never be able to lie to her. Those are five kilos of pure dynamite being propped up in her bustier. The kind that cause an explosion in your pants. That’s 12.5 pounds to those not on the metric system!

It’s not clear what navy her bustier belonged to but there would be a rush to enlist if she was their poster girl. In fact, some of the shots in this set would be perfect as a navy recruiting poster.

Jennica, along with fellow island mates Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller are the stunning covergirls of September 2014 XL Girls magazine (SP 269), available at It’s sure to be a sell-out collectible. Grab yours while it’s on the shelf.
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Jennica Lynn – Jennica’s Island Getaway

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Jennica Lynn’s enjoying the tropical breeze and sun of the Dominican Republic. She dances on the terrace of her room, a more beautiful sight than any flower on the island. You could watch her dance all day, her big boobs jiggling and shaking. Giggling in her charming, happy way, Jennica leaves the terrace and goes into her room.

Jennica’s dressed in ass- and leg-clinging jeans, sky-high heels and a tight, low-cut orange top, her massive M-cup mams ready to spill out. Undressing piece by piece for your pleasure, Jennica gets naked on the bed to show you every millimeter of her huge breasts and sexy pussy and butthole. She spanks herself for her pleasure and yours. One of the greatest discoveries of 2013, beautiful Jennica is a walking wet dream for horny tits-and-ass lovers.
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Emilia Boshe – Wet-T Berlin

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Emilia Boshe is a busty superstar in Germany and her fame has been increasing the past few years thanks to her webcam. The size of Emilia’s breasts is staggering. When she pulled them out of her bra for the first time for our camera man, he thought he heard the famous four-note opening motif from Beethoven’s Symphony Number 5, Opus 67 playing. That’s just the effect that Emilia’s boobs have on the male breast-addled brain. “I have been a fan of Emilia’s for quite some time now,” writes G.D. “I have been waiting to see Emilia Boshe at XLGirls for a while now and I am very happy that you went to Germany to meet her finally. She is their national treasure and makes me proud to be German.” Emilia’s first magazine appearance is in September ’12 SCORE, the annual all-natural issue, her first in an American magazine.
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Emilia Boshe – Küche Kleevage

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Küche is a German word for kitchen. Just want to point that out. We are back with the great Emilia Boshe. What a wunderbar sight to come home to. What self-respecting breast-man would not rush home, just pull up a chair and watch Emilia tidying up the kitchen before adjourning to the bedroom with her for some rest and recreation? Emilia’s ample anatomy has made her the talk of Germany and this scene proves why. Germany is famous for their “busen wonders” and Emilia Boshe is one of the girls at the top of that list!
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