Emilia Boshe – Jugs of The Milk Maid

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Here’s a real-life fantasy girl in a fantasy setting. Emilia Boshe as a dairy maid at a farm. The strapping blonde enters the barn area swinging her jugs, stopping to enjoy her big, full tits and pussy. Farm livin’ is the life.

“I really do not have any fetishes,” admits Emilia, a straightforward woman. “But I have had fantasies of going to a swingers’ club. I have not done this.”

Emilia knows what kind of men she wants to spend time with.

“I like a guy who is charming and knows how to treat women. I do not want to speak to guys who are rude and impatient. And what I like to look at when I see a man is his nice, round ass.”

Jeannot64 once wrote about Emilia, “I’ve always thought that matriarchy is far and away the best form of government. If big boobs ruled the world it would be a better place to live. And I daresay there’ll be only a queen for our matriarchy: Emilia the blonde Valkyrie should rule the world!”

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Sha Rizel – Busty Covergirl

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Sha Rizel returns in her first pictorial and video since September ’14. Her New Year’s video greeting was a foretaste of her encore at SCORELAND.

One of the most-beautiful models, a girl who is every inch a rival in beauty to anyone in the mainstream beauty pageant and modeling world, Sha’s slim yet very busty figure was like a jolt of adrenaline for big boob mavens when she decided to go bare.

A modern Ukrainian girl, Sha is nevertheless old-fashioned and traditional in courtship, romance and sex. “A man should be assertive and show his intent with action. I will never make the first move. I expect a man to introduce himself and try to engage me in conversation. Men should bring girls flowers, be complimentary and invite them to dinner. He should be a gentleman and be charming. I don’t believe in men and women meeting through the internet. It is too distant. There is no romance.”

The tattoo along the side of Sha’s left leg, “Haec Fac Ut Felix Vivis,” is Latin which stands for “Do this in order to live happily” or “Act so as to live happily.”

And happily this flower child does live.
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Emilia Boshe – Kitchen Rack

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Webcam legend Emilia Boshe has no problem sucking and licking her nipples, not an easy feat for many busty girls. In fact, many with very big tits can’t do it.

Writes Seanster, “This lady is super sexy. I literally need to reach for the lube and tissues EVERY time I see her at SCORELAND. One lady I so want to see in XXX action.”

“I like polite guys who know how to treat a girl,” says Emilia. “I like guys who know how to make a girl like me with big boobs feel comfortable. It is okay if they want to ask me questions about my boobs but first they should get to know me a little bit.”

Emilia says she is too shy to approach a guy she might have her eye on. She has to wait for him to come over to her. It seems strange that someone who looks like Emilia is shy when she could easily take her pick. All of us tend to think that girls who are not shy about showing every inch of their bodies would not be shy socially.

SCORELAND has an important announcement about Emilia. Check the Blog in February for it.

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Maserati – Busty Supervixen

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Another busty model who met Maserati at the SCORE studio a couple of years ago said, “I remember the first time I came and I met Maserati there and she was doing special projects and autographing stuff and I knew then that was what I wanted to do.” So Maserati is also an inspiration to other girls.
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Harlow Nyx – New Discovery

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“I don’t work out. I’m not much of a sports person so I don’t watch football or basketball,” says new SCORELAND arrival Harlow Nyx. The green-eyed redhead from Missouri is a smokin’ hottie. We have a rebel in the house and when they’re pretty redheads with big tits and a voluptuous body, they can rebel and reveal all they want. We’re here to make them famous rebels.

In both introductory videos, Harlow tells us about herself, her interests and her wild sex life. Her boobs are massive and beautiful, scrumptious 36G-cups. In the Bonus vid, Harlow and the crew hit the streets of Miami and take Harlow and her guitar to a music store.

Harlow likes thrash metal music, horror films, going to concerts, Chinese food, and hard, pile-driving sex. She’s bi, loves to deep-throat and says she doesn’t have a lot of boundaries and limits. This girl needs her own TV reality show.

Welcome aboard, Harlow Nyx.
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A beautiful field of yellow flowers. And Karina Hart’s massive tits. It is, indeed, a beautiful day to be a lover of big boobs. This photo set has several other natural wonders, such as Karina’s spread and puckered asshole (wouldn’t you love to fuck it?) and Karina’s slick, sweaty, fuckable pussy. Check out photo #37. Ya just gotta love a chick who smiles so sweetly while she’s exposing her horny fuck hole, but that’s Karina: sweet and sexy at the same time. That’s why we love her. Check out photo #50, too. Now, Karina would probably say, “You’re looking at what I’m doing with the dildo, aren’t you?” but we’d say,”No, Karina. Our eyes are focused on the way your tits are stacked on top of each other.” But we’ll get around to that dildoed cunt eventually.
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Karina Hart – A Lady In Waiting For Your Lance of Chivalry

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Karina is a lady in waiting…for your cock…and you’d be diving into her cleavage if she was in front of you right now because only gay dudes and men past 90 years could resist her. Karina has told us many times she prefers classy, elegant clothes, underwear and accessories and this very European ensemble is exactly what she means. Karina loves pearls too. “Pearls look so good between my breasts, don’t you think?” she asked. As a Virgo, born August 26, Karina follows that Zodiac sign’s sexual personality. She prefers the slow build-up and a steady pace. In other words, a lady who wants decorum and refinement. Not in a rush to experiment sexually, she is a traditionalist in erotic encounters. Yet once turned on, the fires in Karina’s sexual oven take a long time to cool off so be warned. You’d have your hands full and still going at it when the cock crowed at dawn!

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Maya Milano – Big Boobs In The Sun

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Maya Milano told us she was always the bustiest girl in school. No girls came even close. Now her bustline is a whopping 43-inches and she needs her bras fitted by a seamstress. Her body is mindblowing. A guy once tried to get a date with Maya by telling her that she “had the best boobs in the city.”

Maya enjoys going to the gym but she must wear several sports bras for support or she can’t work-out comfortably. Maya enjoys playing billiards, and she says she’s a good singer, too. We’d like to hear her sing. Angel Wicky has sung on-camera but it’s rare to see a model sing at SCORELAND.

Maya heads to a local park to enjoy some time in the sun and stretch out on a blanket. She will be enjoying even more time in the sun when Holiday ’14 Voluptuous magazine arrives at stores. When it gets too hot, Maya cools off with a splash.

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Meet Juliana Simms

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She was the Xmas gift girl to SCORELAND members last week.

Juliana Simms is a florist. She’s always loved flowers and made a living out of her love. It takes a flower to know flowers. This sweater-bustin’ brunette was spotted by sheer chance and the guy doing the spotting is one of our model finders. Fate does work in mysterious ways. He chatted up Juliana, who had never heard of The SCORE Group. She listened, asked questions, checked us out and said she was interested. A few weeks later, here she is, fresh from her first photo shoot.

Juliana likes to swim and work-out at a local fitness center. She enjoys traveling and seeing new places and new countries. On any given weekend evening, she might spend the night dancing.

In her first pictorial, Juliana slips off her top, skirt, bra and panties, shows every millimeter of her lush and sexy body and then checks out her impressive proportions with a measuring tape.

2014 was another big year for new European SCORELAND Girls, from Maya Milano, Ann Calis and Barbara Angel to Maggie, Roxanne Diamond, Casey Deluxe and Lola Hot. Now include Juliana Simms to this impressive list.
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Maya Milano – Magnificent Maya

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Meet Maya Milano, an exciting newcomer to SCORELAND. The brunette will also be making her magazine debut in Holiday 2014 Voluptuous magazine.

Maya’s breast growth began when she was 14. “Everyone was asking me if they were real, if they were natural. I started to get a lot of attention. But now that I have begun to model for SCORE, it’s really getting interesting.”

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Maya. She is a winner.

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