Katie Thornton – Party Girl

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In this new pictorial, Katie luxuriates in her sexy baby doll nightie, warming up the bed and sending temperatures rising and compasses pointing true north. Her body is perfect for lingerie like this. She unwraps like a candy bar. Prepare for sugar shock.

Opening up the SCORE mailbag, out poured a plethora of poetic praises for Katie Thornton, the covergirl of August 2015 SCORE. Here’s a few samples of salutations, support and flattery for this new member of the British dream team.

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Maserati – Creamed Cookie

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The great Maserati is always a boner-maker whether she is by herself peeling out of a sexy outfit or having a boom-boom joyride on a stud’s stick shift. She makes the knob throb. Truly and sensationally stacked to the max, Maserati is Voluptuous perfection, and one in how many millions of girls? She did mankind a great service when she became an adult entertainer. It’s cream for Maserati’s hot cookie in this XXX scene. She hasn’t had a creampie glazing at SCORELAND in over three years.

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P-Chan – New Name Same Huge Tits

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Scholars of big-bust models will know who this incredibly stacked Japanese girl is and how big of a name she is in the Japanese big tit scene. For reasons given in the video portion, she will now be known as P-Chan, her new name.

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Claudia Marie – “I’m Highly Orgasmic!”

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That’s Claudia Marie speaking before this scene. She’s a porn star whose reputation precedes her as a self-described “Fake Tit Whore.”

Fortunately for Claudia, the dude she’s fucking in her first XXX scene at SCORELAND is not 500 pounds with a five-inch cock. For Claudia, no one but BMOC (Big Man On Cleavage) JMac was right for her first time here.

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Claudia Marie – The Great Big Heavy Boob Show

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Yesterday, Marie Leone. Today, a blonde bra-smasher many of you know now makes her debut at SCORELAND. Claudia Marie is a southern gal, born in North Carolina and raised in South Carolina. She’s been a big-bust sensation for seven years.

Claudia stands only 5’2″ in her bare tootsies so her huge tits look even bigger. The effect is staggering. Claudia Marie attracts equally huge attention when she’s wearing a low-cut, tight top and partying in Las Vegas casinos and clubs
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Jennica Lynn – Endless Curves

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Says the magnificent Jennica Lynn (XL Girls On Location on DVD), “I’m used to attention. They always stare. I’ll be walking down the street and heads will be turning from every direction. If I’m going out and dressing up nicely, I do enjoy the attention then. During those times, I will wear tops that will show a lot of cleavage.”

Fluent in both Swedish and English, Jennica is one of a kind in every way and it was a big day when we found her on the web. It was an even bigger day when she arrived at SCORE the first time.
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Larissa Linn – Fantasy Fox

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“I am educated in accounting and auditing but my heart belongs to photography,” says busty blonde Larissa Linn, who, by profession, works in the numbers business. Larissa’s own numbers measure up just beautifully: 40-26-36. She has the best looking spreadsheet of any accountant anywhere.
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Larissa Linn – Cozy Curves & FF-Cups

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Larissa Linn is hotter than that fireplace. But she’s so sweet and so down-to-earth, she’ll never burn you. Our photo team in Europe say they love her enthusiasm and energy.

A few of Larissa’s favorite things are her phone (like nearly every girl today), high heels, her country, its history and its people. “I am a patriot of my country!” Larissa proudly says. “I like to spend time with my best friend. She always makes me laugh. We like to have fun and go to clubs. I like dancing and I like all the different directions in music.”

What Larissa likes in bed: “When a guy licks my nipples. Being on top. Oral. My fantasy is to have an orgasm on the roof of a very tall building.”
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Jennica Lynn – The Princess of Cups

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Princess of M-Cups returns and is looking spectacular. On her way to our studio, Jennica got her usual truckload of attention.

“They always stare. I’ll be walking down the street and heads will be turning from every direction. Sometimes I do encourage it. If I’m going out and dressing up nicely, then I do enjoy the attention. During those times, I will wear tops that show a lot of cleavage.”

Check out the Bonus XLGirls video “Stairway To Titty Heaven” for a chat with Jennica. She tends to be quiet (not counting her pleasure sounds ) in her videos once she gets her hands on her big tits and sweet cookie, so hearing her speak is a real treat.
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Dolly Fox – Dolly Busts Out

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Meet Dolly Fox, a new SCORE Girl living in Belgium, originally from Lithuania. According to our records, Dolly is our first big-bust model from either nation. She said that SCORE and the SCORE Girls motivated and inspired her.
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